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Solufeed is a UK-based speciality fertilizer manufacturer active in the high quality horticultural, agricultural and amenity sectors. Excellent products are supported by enviable commercial and technical services. During 60 years ofBasket of pansies trading Solufeed has built a reputation for quality, reliability and value becoming the fertilizer supply partner of choice for tens of thousands of growers in over 40 countries throughout the world.

Water soluble NPK fertilizers
Chelated micronutrient fertilizers
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Liquid NPK fertilizers
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Plant Health Cure
Aston Garlic Barrier range
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Products are manufactured to exacting international quality standards in England. We have dedicated manufacturing facilities, excellent logistics systems and all enjoy 1st class commercial and technical support. Put simply - "confidence through quality".


We are proud to be represented by Deker Horticultural Suppliers Ltd  who are well placed to support the Solufeed range locally.